Rota-Tray 1/4 Wave Retarder

Revar Cine Rota-Tray 4×5.65/138mm with 1/4 Wave Retarder for RED Motion Mount


Product Description

The Revar Cine Rota-Tray 4×5.65/138mm with 1/4 Wave Retarder is a geared filter tray with no filter designed and manufactured in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and poly materials to interface with the latest 4×5.65 matte boxes on the market today. Simply insert it into a top loading 4×5.65 size matte box tray slot and spin the gear on either side of the filter tray to rotate the filter inside. This allows for easy rotation of the filter without the need for cumbersome locking and unlocking of a rotating filter stage. The Rota-Tray also allows for rotation of a filter in matte boxes that do not feature a rotating filter stage or if a secondary rotating filter is needed in a non-rotating stage.

The Rota-Tray also has features missing from other competitive products such as standard 0.8 pitch gears on both sides of the filter tray for use from either the operator or dumb side of the camera, a 1/4-20 female threaded hole for mounting of a wireless follow focus for remote crane or jib operation of the filter, and an overall low weight and profile design for maximum convenience.​​

The 1/4 Wave Retarder in this Rota-Tray allows for minimization of reflections by rotating the filter inside the tray.  Designed specifically for the RED DSMC Motion Mount, this 1/4 Wave Retarder allows for maximum image control while losing minimal light due to it’s clear glass design.


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